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Sanford "Sandy" Emerson
Mystic Valley Farm Woodworking
P.O. Box 156
Wilton, Maine USA



Thanks for stopping by. In my one man workshop in the beautiful Mystic Valley of western Maine I make tables for people who enjoy assembling jigsaw puzzles. Folks seem to like them. Take a look around and see what you think.


Maine Made, America's Best!



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"I just wanted you to know that I received my beautiful puzzle table last Friday!!  With your careful instructions we were able to get everything set up and I have been enjoying my table since then! 

"I expected to find a quality table based on everything I read on your website, but I am discovering many tiny, impressive details that make this truly a work of art.!!!!

"Thank You!"
- Susan, CA

"We love it! It is everything we were looking for, and more. What a beautiful piece of furniture to pass on. It is one of a kind. Again, thank you."
- Tracey, NY

"I would like to THANK-YOU for this Most Beautiful Puzzle Table! I am very lucky to have found your site and just in time for the Holidays. Have a Wonderful Holiday Season! Much Gratitude."
- Susan, Washington, DC

"Your table is so beautiful!!  My mother has just been in awe and thrilled.  I wish I could send you some of her comments by voice for you to hear.  The number of times I have heard (in various ways) beautiful, really really nice, perfect design, this man really had a good idea, such craftsmanship is significant."
- Richard, CT

"Sandy - My jigsaw puzzle table arrived safely--no nicks or scratches.  You did a great job packing it!

It is beautiful--your workmanship is so fine--reminds me of my father who also did furniture and cabinet making (a talent I did not learn from him).  I look forward to many years of enjoyable puzzle making.

Thank you again for sharing your ingenuity and craftsmanship."
Mary, CO 

"Sandy, the table is beautiful – and so user friendly!  It truly is a work of art and takes away all of the threat that the “help” of inquisitive cats AND dogs bring to those of us that enjoy puzzling.  For years, I have used my quilting cutting boards to both work on and cover up puzzles in progress – what a joy to now work on a such a beautiful and functional table!  And no more ugly green or yellow cutting boards cluttering the kitchen table.

My younger brother has spent years woodworking and creating beautiful pieces for family as a way to relieve the stress of a busy career and 4 children and I truly appreciate the love of craft that goes into hand-made pieces – Please know that your puzzle table will be cherished for years to come."
- Helene, NJ

"I have had my table for about a month now and it is wonderful!  I can finally work my puzzles with ease and not worry about my cats getting too curious.  I am so impressed with the craftsmanship and the table is just beautiful.  Thank you."
Beth, OH

"The table showed up today and all I can say is WOW!  I truly love it. Just want to say thank you for a wonderful gem that is truly one of a kind and not only "Made in the USA" but "Made in Maine".  Outside of Stephen King novels and Lobster, Maine doesn't get a "shout out" too often, so...CHEERS! to Maine!"
Adam, CA

"We love the table, particularly my wife, who does most of the puzzles. She particularly likes the removable sorting drawers and often sits with one in her lap working on a section. Great tables!"
- Mark, PA

"I just wanted to let you know that now that we've had the "Moose" puzzle table for close to a year, my mom has been getting absolute enjoyment out of it every time she's working on her puzzles. All of the years of bending over tables to work on puzzles, and carry them around and set them up made the process difficult, but now with this table she can wheel around her table to wherever the light is best, and with the tilt feature, she's found far less strain in actually working on her puzzles. The quality of the table is just superb, and the attention to detail is apparent. Just have to say thank you for producing such a perfect product!"
- John, PA

"Our table arrived in perfect condition and is beautiful and perfect.  With our two cats it has proven to be exactly what we needed to be able to enjoy our hobby of jigsaw puzzles.  Thank you so very much."
- Debbie, MO

"The table was delivered in good condition & I think it is just so lovely.  Everyone who has seen it thus far is super impressed with the idea & the workmanship.  I especially like being able to take the sorting drawers off somewhere to a quiet spot to work."
- Kathleen, NY

"Thanks so much for your hospitality in November when we travelled to your Mystic Valley Farm shop to pick-up our jig-saw puzzle table. The table is not only of excellent quality and functionality but also looks very nice with any décor. When necessary the table can be stored easily. Everyone who visits our home comments on the detailed craftsmanship of the table. I would highly recommend your tables and know that ours will be used for years and years."
- Kim, NB (CA)

"The Bear" arrived in perfect shape and is now directly under a skylight in our great room, which gives us fine puzzling light all day long. We use it every single day and evening. Always have a puzzle going. Usually the first thing guests do when they come in is admire the unique table and check out the puzzle we're working on at the moment. Often they end up working on it themselves. One puzzle-loving friend says she may order a "Bear" for herself, and I'm encouraging her to do that because I know she'll enjoy it as much as we do. Your table is sturdy, solid, and beautifully finished. The tilt feature and four long drawers make each puzzle project a pleasure. Many thanks for providing such a lovely piece of furniture for our home."
- Martha, NM

Sue, PA

"The jigsaw table is great! High quality wood and beautiful brass fittings. The drawers that hold puzzle pieces work very well. Also, the way the table was packed for shipping guaranteed that it would arrive in perfect condition. Thanks, Sandy, for your craftsmanship!"
Susan, MD

"This table is awesome!!!   I took the "chance" to buy from an individual. Being retired law enforcement helped in making my decision.  Please use me as a reference.  Thank you seems so inadequate.  I am beyond pleased.  Thank you...thank you...thank you!!!!"
-Verna, GA 

"This is the greatest item since sliced bread!!! I love it. Thank you very much. I especially like the removable cover... With the cover attached I can serve a light lunch without disturbing the puzzle in progress. Clear the dishes, remove the top and it’s puzzle time again. This is great... Your work is much appreciated. Many years of use will be forthcoming and not just for puzzles. Again thank you."
- Kathleen, WA

"Thanks for the extremely quick turnaround from order to getting the table. Thanks for working with me on some special requests that I had. Beautiful table and solidly made. (Very well packed too!)"
- J.E.C., NJ

 "Wow! What an awesome quality table. I love it and can't wait to start spending countless relaxing hours there.  It fits perfectly with the decor of my room. Thank you for my Made in America jewel!"
- Pamela, VA

"Wow!  I just received the puzzle table and it is absolutely stunning!!!  Thank you very much for your meticulous work and making the table a little bigger for me.  I think this goes down as the best birthday present I ever bought for me!  Thank you again."
- Robin, CA